one thousand gifts


–> deep conversations with strangers

–> thunder storms

–> apples & cheese

–> frank sinatra

–> big, old books

–> babies 🙂

–> answered prayer

–> valley of vision

–> music from west side story (esp Maria ❤ )

–> graduation!

What have been your gifts lately?

one thousand gifts //


–> spring break!

–> seeing little boys opening doors for their mamas

–> homemade chicken noodle soup

–> the smell of something garlic-y cooking

–> my church family

–> getting to see my friends at school every day

–> my difficult but enjoyable classes

–> chivalry

–> hot lemon tea

–> Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Op. 43, Variation 18 — by Rachmaninoff ❤

–> quiet time to draw & write

What are your gifts this week?


–> fresh applesauce

–> misty sunrise

–> sweet family moments

–> the smell of old books

–> quiet time

–> “He is with us” by Love & The Outcome

–> starbucks gift cards (they never expire!)

–> crossfit & the people there

–> my wonderful teachers

–> romans 6

–> chamomile tea

–> the smell after an oregon rain

–> glimpses of chivalry coming back to life

–> listening to someone passionate about the Gospel

What are you thankful for?

embracing life’s little gifts

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Because being thankful doesn’t end in November. #onethousandgifts

little blessings:

>> sharing giggles & belly-laughs with those i love

>> frog’s melody on saturday morning

>> miss harrison’s smile

>> the swirl of hot black in my coffee cup every day

>> michael buble & josh groban’s music

>> baby cuddles

>> green-peach tea on rainy days

>> shelves sagging with old books

>> yoga pants

>> the daily reminder of God’s grace

>> over-sized sweatshirts

>> “we were us” by keith urban and miranda lambert

>> snow … everywhere 🙂

>> this verse: “this is the day that the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it.” {psalm 118:24}

What are you thankful for this week?