awk and awe



~ Wearing pj’s so big on you, that as your walking towards the coffee machine you trip and almost smash your head into it.

~ Accidentally calling your (male) teacher, “Lizzie”, because you’re *so* used to talking to your best friend ::ahem::

~ When you’re zoned out, then you see someone’s watching you, and you realize that it looked like you were staring at them.

~ When you’re wearing some new clothes you bought, and then you suddenly remember that you forgot to take the tag off, and it’s really itchy.

~  When you’re walking and you notice you have a hole in one of your socks.

~ You start singing and dancing something ridiculous when someone walks in and you didn’t know and then you turn around and see their face…::ahem::

~ Being so tired you accidentally pour your coffee into a water glass.

~ Being so tired you almost fall asleep during class.

~ When you’re sitting so close to someone, and then you start twitching and shaking for no known reason, so you try to suppress it so they don’t notice. And you may have avoided them the rest of the day out of embarrassment of the thought that they probably noticed.

~ When you’re laughing really, really hard, and then you (accidentally) snort. Awkward. 🙂

~ When you’re trying to make conversation with someone you haven’t seen in awhile (and that someone is the kind of someone you having nothing in common with).

~ Putting in your contacts while leaning over the sink to get closer to the mirror, and then you get a piece of dog hair (yes, dog hair) on the inside of your contact lens… I don’t know about everyone here but then you do that little angry/painful dance where you’re stomping all over the bathroom with your hand over one eye and you’rejumping up and down and giving shrieks of agony before you even take your contact out.

~ When you run into the edge of the counter and it feels like you’ve been shot.

~ People trying to explain how weird you are, and they can’t even explain it.


~ when you’ve gone to a restaurant *so* many times, the waitress already knows what you want every. single. time.

~ watching Red Dawn

~ finding out someone else really, really likes Pride and Prejudice ::grin::

~ having the two sweetest dogs on the planet


~ jumping into a hot shower after you’ve been cold and wet all day

~ when you’re able to do 300 sit ups without stopping ::happy dance::

~ working out and feeling awesome 🙂

~ the above picture of Bruce Willis ::grin::

What’s awkward or awesome about your week? I would love to hear! 🙂


awkward and awesome

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~ holding onto your mug then hitting a bump in the road and spilling hot coffee all over your hand. ouch.

~ when the driver of the truck stops at a stoplight so you try to take a quick drink of coffee and then just as you have it close to your face the truck starts moving again and (even more) hot coffee splashes in your face and spills all down your nice grey sweatshirt. and you might’ve choked on it too, but luckily started to cough it up everywhere because it scorched your entire mouth. ouch. again.

~ trying to run while wearing oversized chinks (and you’ve never worn them before)

~ trying to do your hair in a crowded truck

~ taking an awkwardly large bite of messy pizza and everyone is watching you

~ offering to pay for a drink someone’s getting for you and then realizing you don’t have any money

~ trying to find things to talk about with someone you just met

~ trying to squat with big boots on. and they might’ve been pretty new, too.

~ trying to saddle your horse when your fingers are cold and extremely stiff

~ when you’re riding and your saddle is lopsided and crooked


~ when you go to idaho again *insert happy dance*

~ learning how to drive a tractor

~ getting to ride EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

~ hugs 🙂

~ the above picture 🙂

~ hearing Rascal Flatts on the radio *insert another happy dance*

~ learning a ::wee:: bit of guitar

~ seeing some amazing sunrises

~ egg and bacon breakfast sandwiches and a cup of strong coffee. despite the two unlucky incidences above. 😉

~ organizing ALL of the movies in your house

~ knowing how blessed you are with all the friends and family you have ❤

What was awkward or awesome about your week?

awkward and awesome: moments from my life


~ slipping on the rubber part of your razor and nearly falling in a big heap on your shower foor

~ when you’re sleeping and your arm falls asleep so you try to move your arm in a more comfortable position and your arm decides to wack you in the face instead

~ trying to hold on to a wet bar of soap

~ trying to dust when you’ve got a cold (*achoo!::cough::achoo!::cough::achoo!achoo!achoo!::cough,cough::achoo!*, etc)

~receiving a text when you’re half asleep: it’s like looking into the sun

~ when you’re drinking some water and the ice just suddenly attacks your face

~ going through a whole day without wearing your contacts

~ having to explain to people what courtship is in comparison to dating

~ when you’re a few minutes late for class and everyone’s staring at you like you just killed five people or something 😉

~ when some guy at a store thinks you work there because you’re still in your school uniform and having to explain that you, in fact, DON’T work there but you can still help him anyway

~ when you have to clean some windows in your house, and you have to stand on the back of the couch to reach the top, because you’re so short. yup, that’s how we shorties rock and roll, people. 😉

~ sneezing really, really loud in a really, really quiet room

~ mouthwash-flavored nyquil. now that’s just awkward.

~ eating when your nose is stuffed up with a cold, so you can hardly taste anything

~ wearing jeans that are too big for you


~ being sick with a cold but still being treated like a princess anyway 🙂

~ watching P&P for possibly the who-knows-what time

~ when you’re told that you should be Chuck Norris’s stunt double. 😉

~ drinking coffee in the morning: coffee doesn’t ask silly questions. coffee understands.

~ learning how to edit pictures so they look nicer

~ realizing you’re going to Idaho again soon!

~ getting a three by five during deer season when you’ve only been hunting for three years. and you may have done a quiet little happy dance too 🙂

~ and when your awesome aunt comes to stay with you. and you may have done another happy dance too 🙂


What’s awkward or awesome about your week? 🙂