9 thoughts on “{daily reminders} pt 6

  1. LOVE THESE. So impactful – especially the first one for me personally. Thank you, Rachel!
    And hey, this may sound weird (coming from a girl over the internet who has never met you personally) but how can I be praying for you? 🙂

    • Not weird at all! 🙂 I went to the doctor a couple days ago, and he said that I will *most likely* be off my crutches in two weeks. I could use prayer for speedy (& complete) recovery, if it is God’s will. I’m ready to be done! haha 😀 Thank you so much, Madison! I appreciate it more than I could say.

  2. W.O.W. I really, really, really, really needed one of those. They were all lovely but one was an absolute slap-to-the-face. That was awesome. Thanks for sharing and praying your healing continues!

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