peach-green smoothie!

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C’mon, don’t look at me through your computer screen like that. It’s good. I promise.

Honestly, I’ve never been a smoothie person … let alone a green smoothie person. Just the color can throw you off, yes? This is a great way to kick-start my morning. I have a really, really hard time eating greens, so drinking them in smoothies is the ticket for me.

You can’t even taste the greens. All you taste is peach!


green smoothie:

for a 12-16 oz glass

– 1 cup spinach

– 1 peach*

– a lil almond or coconut milk

– ice cubes

– chia seeds (opt.)

–> Just blend together well, and there you go!

* An easier way is to use frozen peaches, and then ditch the ice cubes! 🙂

4 thoughts on “peach-green smoothie!

  1. ohh. I have to try this, because I admit, I don’t really love spinach either!! Thanks for sharing this.

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