self esteem vs self confidence by raquel

{via tumblr}

{via tumblr}

Isn’t this just so stinkin’ adorable?

You know, it’s no great secret that most women struggle with insecurity. They do. Wondering if they’re good enough, beautiful enough. God designed us as women to pursue beauty and to be beautiful. But, often, we take this a *wee* bit far.

More often than not, we derail ourselves in front of our friends and family, and focus entirely on our flaws. And when someone compliments us, we shoo it away. We say “Aw no I don’t. But thanks anyways! …” Or something like that. Or, at least, that’s something I find myself doing a lot.

This is what Raquel from God’s Daughter said:

I’m going to be rather blunt and just say that I am so tired of girls thinking they aren’t beautiful.  And seeking attention by complaining about their looks.
For starters, it makes me mad that this world is brain-washing girls to think that without full lips, big boobs, a toned butt, and makeup, we aren’t as beautiful as we could be.
And secondly, it makes me sad to see that girls are actually starting to believe these lies.
You don’t need to hide behind a mask.  That mask can never be as beautiful as who you really are, who God created you to be.  You don’t have to be perfect.  In God’s eyes, you already are.  You belong to Him, the One who never makes mistakes.  He has made each of you unique and beautiful.
A lot of girls struggle with knowing what would be termed as ‘prideful’ or ‘self-confident’.  There’s nothing wrong with looking in the mirror and thinking ‘I look nice today’.  That’s not prideful, unless you make it so.  If you go flaunting yourself around, worming for compliments (a lot of girls do this via posting photos on social networks), then yes, that’s prideful.  But if you simply state it to yourself and are happy with your appearance, this is not self-esteem.  This is self-confidence.  We should be confident in our skin, knowing that we are beautiful in God’s eyes.  There’s nothing wrong with thinking you’re pretty.  When someone compliments your attractiveness, accept it.  Don’t try to deny it and say ‘oh no I’m not’.  I can’t stand it when girls do this (and I know, for a fact, that it’s a turnoff to guys).  Yes, you are pretty.  You are beautiful.  Be content with this.  Be confident in it.  Be sure.
And let me clarify one thing.  There’s nothing wrong with wearing some makeup to enhance the natural beauty that is already evident, but it shouldn’t detract from it.  We need to find our identity in God, not in the way we look or dress.  When we focus on God and how He sees us, the insecurities will fade – because we are joyful in being content with how He created us.
Strive to be a godly girl.  To have a beautiful heart – by loving others.  To have beautiful hands – by serving others.  To have beautiful lips – by smiling.
You are a daughter of the One Who clothes the beautiful lilies of the valley.  So how much more beautiful would He make His daughter than a flower of nature?
‘Charm is deceitful and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised.’
– Proverbs 31:30

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