when life gets busy …

{via pinterest}

{via pinterest}

I have a lot of demands. Shuffled papers. A dog that needs attention. Posts which need to be written. Bedroom that needs cleaned up. Assignments to be completed and on time.

And in these messy moments, I feel peace? Is that even human?

Or, really, is that even possible?

I look around and see how much God has blessed me — everything from finding my pencil to staying safe when I attempt to do  foolish things (ahem).

He is here, in the moment. Not pantheism, but He is Omnipresent — He is everywhere. He is with me in my times of joy and in my times of struggle. He is there through it all.

And sometimes it’s hard to stop a second, yes? When we’re running late? Or flying through traffic? To think and ponder on how much the Lord has given to us, how much love and grace He has so freely bestowed on us?

That’s what gets me. These moments. These not-glamorous, hard times during the day, to look up and meditate on God’s truth, and to live in the moment.

To pause and smile, show God’s love to others, say “I love you”, to breathe peace, turn up the music, and take the time to smell the coffee.

We don’t have very many of these moments left. Let’s make them count, yes?

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