A post by Ariel, from HeartsFire for Christ.

He is here. 

Blank screen, pulsing line. Cursor.
He is here.
Not scolding in the past, or waiting in the future, but here.
And more loving than the world and bigger than life and more real than the ground under my feet.
Do you comprehend that word? Unable to be imagined. 
Let that sink in a second.
Because the ground under my feet is only holding me up with the attraction of minuscule molecules, one to another, keeping wood particles whole.
He holds those molecules together.
And He is here. 
Can you imagine someone more real than reality, a fifth dimension, ten thousand new colors and bigger than the biggest universe? 
And He holds those molecules together, under my feet.
And He is here.
“I am,” He said. 
He is. 
He is not “I was,” nor “the great I will be” 
“I am who I am.”
Because the only thing that’s real right now is something that is here. In this moment. 
He is. Here. Now. Holding together the molecules under your feet and loving you more than you could ever comprehend. 
Let that sink in a second.
And if the Great I Am is here, holding together wooden floors and loving and being Himself – ginormous and brilliant and stronger than strong and infinitely, wondrously, good – then who are we to fret and question and worry and complain? 
He is here. 
And that is enough. 

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