hester grey’s garden – a poem


You remember that story about Hester Grey, in the Anne of Green Gable series? I wrote a poem about her. It probably won’t make any sense unless you know the story. 🙂

H – hester helps her husband so

E – but every evening eats up time

S – sadness seems to seat them here

T – but this time tells the opposite

E – every evening everlasting is

R – repeating reminders return them peace

G – her garden grows, a growing joy

R – roses reaching rooftops, running wild

E – each one eating every ground

Y – yearns and yearns she for yawning bench

S – sitting and sleeping in lover’s arms

G – growing and growing, great death to come

A – amazing adherent, her husband awes

R – rectifying and remembered, never reviling

D – death doth come; her body inanimate

E – the evening ending, erratic but fated

N – now he knows tonight, she sleeps in heaven’s arms

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