// captivated //


“He splashed orange in the sunrise

and cast the sky in blue.

And if you love to see geese as they gather,

chances are you’ll see that, too.

Did He have to make the squirrel’s tail furry?

Was He obliged to make the birds sing?

And the funny way that chickens scurry

or the majesty of thunder when it rings?

Why give a flower fragrance? Why give food its taste?

Could it be, He loves to see …

That look upon your face?”

{from “He Chose the Nails”}

“So the next time a sunrise steals your breath, or a meadow of flowers leaves you speechless, remain that way. Say nothing and listen as heaven whispers, ‘Do you like it? I did it just for you.”

I’m about to tell you something you may find hard to believe … Here it is: If you were the only person on earth, the earth would look exactly the same. The Himalayas would still have their drama and the Caribbean would still have its charm. The sun would still nestle behind the Rockies in the evenings and spray light on the desert in the mornings. If you were the sole pilgrim on this globe, God would not diminish its beauty one degree.

Because He did it all for you … and He’s waiting for you to discover His gift … He’s waiting for your eyes to pop and your heart to stop. He’s waiting for the moment between the dropping of the jaw and the leap of the heart. For in that silence He leans forward and whispers: I did it just for you.

Find such love hard to believe? That’s okay … Just because we can’t imagine God’s giving us sunsets, don’t think God doesn’t do it. God’s thoughts are higher than ours. God’s ways are greater than ours. And, sometimes, out of His great wisdom, our Father in heaven gives us a piece of heaven just to show He cares.”

{from “The Great House of God”}

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