awkward & awesome



— Running over a curb while in driver’s ed, and the teacher having to slam on her brakes, aha 🙂

— Spilling ranch dip down your shirt. IN public.

— Meeting new people.

— Counting on your fingers several times during a Crossfit class, because you’re just so not able to count 65 and 15 in your head.

— When people ask you about something that you have a passion for, and then you get all excited and start stuttering. And then you have to start all over because your jumbled words made no sense.

— Eating an entire bag of carrots by yourself. *Almost* in one day. 😉


— Gaining almost 10 lbs of muscle from Crossfit ::happy dance::.

— Being able to lift 120 lbs. Oh yeah. 😉

— Starting to beginning to become a *wee* bit obsessed with Crossfit, and finding that that’s all you ever talk about.

::joking::  (kind of) 😀

8 thoughts on “awkward & awesome

  1. Thanks, Rachel. We can all relate to “awkward.” Aren’t you glad for GRACE!?! I am.
    Praying for a godly guy for you when God’s time is right, and I’ll pray more earnestly for a ranch… as God wills. I do pray this godly guy will love you and cherish you all your days. Can’t wait to see what God does… His way, His time. 🙂 C. Sieker

    • Ahhh … grace is one of the greatest things! 🙂

      Thank you so much for praying for me! I greatly appreciate it, more than you could *ever* know 😀

  2. I know this is an old post but I seriously laughed hard when you said falling in love with shrimp salad. Oh girl, I miss you. We need to get together and get our ninja academy going. I miss you so much!

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