scrumptious bloggie award


I’ve been nominated by Iris … you are such a sweetheart!! 😀

the farmgirl nominates:

My Fair Baking

Feminine Farmgirl

Suzie the Foodie

The Cilantropist

Red Star to Lone Star

the rules

1.  Once you are awarded, write about it on your blog with a link
back to the person who awarded you!

2.  Answer the questions written by the person who awarded you.

3.  Do not award anyone who has less than 100 followers.

4.  Pass the award along to five to ten other bloggers.

5.  Come up with ten new questions for the people you awarded.

6.  Keep ‘em clean and refrain from using vile language.

Iris’s questions

1.  What book are YOU reading right now?

Errr … I usually read five or six books at a time, haha. But I am reading The Postern of Fate by Agatha Christie and Born to Run.

2.  If you had to give everything away apart from one thing, what would you keep? (People don’t count.)

Hmm… my Bible, for sure.

3.  Ford or Chevy?  Choose your answer wisely…

Toyota. In all seriousness.

4.  What do you admire most about yourself?

My skills of total awkwardness.

5.  What is the most-watched movie in your collection?

Oh, geez… that would be either The Princess Bride or Tangled. 😀

6.  What is your favorite Psalm?

Either Psalm 139 or Psalm 30.

7.  Where would your dream home be?

My dream home would be on a farm in the middle of nowhere somewhere in Idaho with my cowboy 🙂

8.  What inspires you to write?

Writing is as essential to my life as breathing.

9.  What is your favorite month of the year?

August, for sure. A wedding in August is, like, the most romantic thing ever. In my humble opinion.

10.  Favorite childhood memory?

Ahhh, that’s really hard. Probably all those hot, summer days playing out in the tree house with my friends.


my questions

1) What’s y0ur dream car?

2) Licorice: black or red? or both?

3) Do you think white or black are colors? Defend your case.

4) T.V.: Widescreen or Full-screen? Defend yourselves.

5) Favorite flavor of jam?

6) Burgers or hotdogs?

7) Do you know who John Wayne is? (please say yes :))

8) Favorite cold cereal?

9) What kind of dog(s) do you have?

10) Do you know who Sean Connery is? (this time, you *have* to say yes)


Thank you soo, sooo much, Iris! 😀

your comments are a ray of sunshine:)

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