beauty & fitness ~ the battles


battle one: perspective

It’s a delicate balance- one of desiring to honor the body that God has given us, and being thankful and enjoying the food He has given us. It’s easier said than done, of course. But God gives us so much grace. Being thin isn’t a sin. Being overweight isn’t a sin. It’s the focus of our hearts- are we letting food control us either way? Pray through this. And don’t be afraid to let God take over the stronghold eating and your appearance has in your heart.

On the practical side, are there little daily decisions we could make that would make us healthier for His glory? Sure, I think so- like replacing fake foods with the foods He has provided naturally gives us healthier bodies. Instead of eating processed and preservative-injected chicken nuggets, you can choose to eat a fresh grilled chicken breast. It’s just about being thankful and enjoying the naturally-occurring food God has provided for us here on the earth.

It’s not about going too far the other way, either, from what I can tell. Sometimes we can become so obsessed with serving only natural foods and eating right that we are still missing the point.  The chicken nuggets aren’t the issue themselves.

It’s about God. He is our focus. He is the one who gives us contentment with our bodies. He is the one who gave us the food and the body in the first place. He is the one that gives us joy. We can’t find our joy in how we look, or in what we eat or don’t.”

(from here)

In a society that goes to extremes in concern of healthy eating & exercising, it’s hard to maintain a biblical and balanced view on the subject, becoming neither careless nor obsessive about it. Some people even grow up in an environment that enforces either one of these. This is a battle I have been facing, because oftentimes I will go back and forth between both extremes ::chuckles::, and either way it doesn’t feel good, emotionally or physically.

But the knowledge that we can eat dorito chips and ice cream all day long and love Jesus like crazy, we don’t have to have those expectations weighing down on us constantly! God did not design us to look like models, but He designed us in His image. Could anything be greater than that? 😀

battle two: the binge

You know what I’m talking about. Frankly, I have been gorging on a lot of food lately, and I mean, the-amount-that-would-be too-much-for-three-people-to-eat-altogether-kind-of-a-thing. And although in some ways it’s humorous, but eating like this over the years has damaged my stomach, heightened digestive problems, and has caused 24/7 bloating (literally).

In other words, you could call it gluttony, which is often what we Christians overlook as a sin. It’s so easy to fall into, and is hard to overcome *raises hand*. Here is a link to a *great* post I just read about the subject, from a biblical mindset. It definitely changed my perspective, so I will leave you the link ::click here:: And another great book that I highly recommend is Reshaping It All by Candace Cameron Bure.

I’ve also been doing a few practical things to avoid overeating.


#2 And also, the brighter color your plate is, the more you eat. If you use darker colored plates, this discourages a little of the overeating, at least for me ::chuckles::

#3 A good rule of thumb is to remember your stomach is about the size of your fist, so about a handful of food is good, although, this is not always the case. I mean, a handful of almonds isn’t going to fill anyone up, right? 😉

#4 Drinking lots of water helps keep down unnecessary hunger pains. In fact, sometimes your stomach growls because you’re thirsty, not hungry!

battle three: drink up

Ever since I was little, I was a milk drinker. That’s pretty much all I would drink, and I literally rarely drank any water in my childhood.

But now, I realize my mistake. So I have made a goal to drink half of my body weight in water (for me, 50-55 oz.)


battle four: getting sugar-bombed

Yeah, I do this a lot. I do great for a long time, eating real foods, cutting out processed foods, sit ups every day, and then …. there’s a cookie.

And not just any cookie, but a cookie that *may* have been my mom’s no-bake cookies. *cough, cough*

And so I say to myself,”Hey! Everything in moderation, right? You’ve been doing really good … you should have a treat– just a little treat — to reward yourself for all your hard work!”

So, wait, what’s the problem with that?

You’re right, nothing.

But then I see … another no-bake cookie. And I think, “Well, it won’t hurt to have just *one* more, right?


Not because I just have one more. But because I have just five more, you know.

And then I think, “Oh, might as well finish them up now, so there isn’t the temptation tomorrow.

And then you know what happens? I have more. And not just one more. And not just five more. But six more {oh dear}.

Now you can see the problem. ::chuckles:: 🙂

So, for me, it means extra discipline. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a cookie (or maybe even two cookies ;)), but it doesn’t take much (at least for me) to get sugar-bombed. And that does not feel good.


So I recommend: drink lots of water, eat lots of good real food (but don’t overdo it), limit the sugar, and taste and see that the Lord is good! 🙂

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