in the midst of kleenex, nyquil, and stuffy noses


Whether you have or have not noticed, it has been a little while since I’ve posted.

Chicken broth is my new best friend.

With papers due, and essays to write, and tests to study for, this has been a time when I have had to rely more on the Lord and on the grace of others.

It’s been a time of chaos for me. And even though I’m exhausted, the Lord has continued to stretch me beyond what I think I am capable of and has given me His strength to be able to get things done and (mostly) on time, with a few precious moments of getaway to rest and get well. But only by His strength. And a few cups of chicken broth. 🙂

But, all that aside, I have been swamped with other work the Lord has for me, and, thus, I have not had much time to blog as of late.   *sigh*

And, in the midst of brain fog, and nyquil, and stuffy noses and gut-wrenching coughs, I’m at a loss as to what I should write about.

And there comes you.

What do you think I should write about? Recipes? Confessions? Health and fitness? More awkwardness? *grin* Anything else I haven’t blogged about before?

Share some ideas! Yes, oh, please, do. I would love to know, truly I would. 🙂

In Christ Alone,


5 thoughts on “in the midst of kleenex, nyquil, and stuffy noses

  1. How about the reason behind secularism, or liberal Christians, or purity in theology, or the biggest problem in Christianity being rejecting parts of the Bible and making excuses for sin, or confessions.

  2. Praying for you, dear Rachel! Sorry you’ve been suffering with such a cold! I have prayed for you to get your school work done so you can keep up with all that. I enjoy your creative writing so much, but I know that takes more time and time is at a premium right now. May the Lord strengthen you so you feel like being creative!
    Your recipes are fun, too!

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