awkward & awesome




~ When the above two things happen 😉

~ Going to your Ortho and getting your braces adjusted sooo tight, and you’re in so much pain you can hardly eat 😦

~ Being very nervous when you’re around someone and trying your darn hardest to hide it, and you think it’s not working, haha.

~ Staying up until 12 o’ clock in the morning studying for a final. NEVER doing that again. And then you have to get up at 4 in the morning to study some more. You then are *so* tired the next day you can barely focus for that final ::sigh::

~ When you’re about to sneeze, and you really have to sneeze, but you don’t, so you’re just sitting there with this stupid expression on your face for the next ten seconds. And then, to make it better, you’re in a room full of people…

~ Trying to explain to your friends how you’re both awkward and awesome at the same time 😛

~ That day when you and a stranger make eye contact several times, and you’re trying to decide whether to say “hi” or not, because you don’t want to make the moment more awkward.

~ When your teacher finds out your computer name is “Ninja Girl”, because the day before you were in a goofy mood, and forgot to take it off. Ahem.

~ When you are just *so* short, that even some of the 4th & 5th graders are taller than you…And you just might be one of the oldest in the school. ::chuckle::


~ Watching Tangled again, because it’s your favorite 🙂

~ Cuddling with your dogs whilst watching Tangled..::grin::

~ When you’re just happy to death 😛

~ That day when you’re so tired, everything’s funny, even when you’re the only one cracking up, hahaha.

~ When you fall in love…with shrimp salad 😉

~ And, more than anything……*drum roll*…….when your daddy makes you potato pancakes for dinner! ::happy dance::

What was awkward or awesome about your week?

your comments are a ray of sunshine:)

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