awkward and awesome: moments from the new year (and a little before)



~Ā  When you’re *so* afraid of spiders, you had to close your eyes anytime you saw the spiders in the new Hobbit movie. And you might’ve started shaking too.

~ When you have to go a day without coffee after you were up past 12 in the morning….and so you’re just like super tired the whole day.

~ When you and your cousin try to toast to the New Year, and try to take a drink of sparkling cider but you can’t because you keep looking at each other and start laughing too hard…so eventually you have to face away from each other just to be able to take one sip.

~ That time where you can’t decide if you’re too hot or too cold, so you keep putting your jacket on then taking it back off.

~ Trying to sing “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Housten…and let’s just say it doesn’t work very well, and a couple of dogs run out of the room. Ahem.

~ When everyone starts staring at you for no known reason.

~ Getting a a semi-expensive manicure and ruining it after only having it for three days, and when you try to salvage it by touching it up it looks even worse. And this might happen every single time you get your nails done.



~ Getting to see the Hobbit ::happy dance::

~ Having your sister over for Christmas!

~ Grandma’s food. Nothing beats it.

~ Homemade body scrubs. Like the ones I showed you.

~Work Out Update: *drum roll* I got up to 1000 (yes, one thousand) sit ups without stopping…whoa I still can’t believe it! šŸ™‚

~ A great start to a new year šŸ™‚

What’s awkward or awesome about your week?


2 thoughts on “awkward and awesome: moments from the new year (and a little before)

  1. 1000 sit ups honestly you must have abs of steel for sure….how do you even work up to that many????….how long does it take you to do them.???? I’m not sure I could do 5 really good ones….I was doing the ”plank”’ its a really good all over toning exercise. keep up the good work

    • Haha, well I started out with doing 50 a day for a while, then 100, then 300, etc. I don’t know how long it took me to do 1000, but when I first got to 800 I did them in 40 minutes…haha. I’ve heard about doing the plank; I might try that too šŸ™‚ It’s been slow progress…but it’s definitely worth it!!
      Hope you have a Happy New Year, Mona šŸ˜€

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