Merry Christmas, Everyone!


I hope everyone had a VERY merry Christmas! I know I did. 🙂

I received many things, things such as books and music and, more than anything, a new perspective on what Christmas is and should be about. So many years I would just go through the motions…and not really feel or think the way I should. I don’t know about you, but, like I said, Christmas has always felt empty…and almost meaningless. But that was because I was making it empty and meaningless, and so all it ever was to me, was shallow.

But now, it’s a time of joy, joy in knowing that the King of kings died for my soul, and now I can really enjoy Christmas for what it really is. I guarantee if you do not put Christ as your total main focus of your thoughts, your feelings, and your life, everything– no just Christmas– will just be meaningless. Life will have NO purpose. Even if you say the right things and act just the right way in front of just the right people, you know, if you talk and brag about your love and fire for God and in reality don’t really have those things, HE will see it. There is no hiding from Him.

Again, I want to make something clear. I am not perfect.

I am NOT perfect.

I cannot brag about my love or passion or desire for God. Sometimes I wonder really, Lord, why can’t I be that Mary who sits at Your feet and listens to you in earnest and excitement instead of the sour, bitter Martha I am, who only cares about appearances and the utterly insignificant things? I don’t even spend time with Him the way I should. There is nothing I do that I can brag about, NOTHING.

Because, really, I fail Him daily.


But you know what I can brag about? His love. His unfailing grace.


The One who was born on that silent night, taking in that first breath which brought life to all who believe in Him.



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